Women Swap Sex For The HCG Diet!

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Women Swap Sex For The HCG Diet!

sex and dietingWell maybe I’m being a little presumptuous about the hCG Diet part, but a recent survey on the CBS News “Early Show on Saturday” revealed that 51% of those questioned WOULD swap sex for a year in order to be skinny. Now there will be quite a few, husbands and male lovers out there that will be shaking in their shoes at the mere thought of that!

But there is a serious point here and it underscores the serious self esteem and body issues that many women have today.

The body/sex image link creates a vicious circle. Sex can make you feel sexy and on top of the World, but when you don’t feel 100% comfortable in your own skin, you don’t feel sexy which can lead to not wanting sex. So I suppose that because of the “vicious circle” we shouldn’t be surprised at the results of the survey.

Now I haven’t done any scientific research to back up my next claim but if the same amount of men were asked the same question, I am willing to give up my collection of Lad’s Mags if there were more than 10% that gave the same answer!

But on a serious note, is it right that women should be under pressure to feel that way, focusing so much on their appearance after being bombarded with images of what society thinks female bodies should look like, how thin or tall they are, and what they should be wearing. Obviously the answer is no, woman should feel comfortable however they look whether that is cuddly, slender or plump. If they do want to lose weight they should make the decision based on their own reasons, not what magazines or billboards tell them they “should” look like.

In the HCGA Diet Club we have members, both male and female and all shapes and sizes, some just want to lose a few pounds others much more, but remember if you embark on a diet make sure you are doing it for YOU and not because what some faceless magazine editor THINKS you should look like…

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