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HCG Drops For Sale

As a weight loss solution, HCG drops have been in use for the last 50 years but it is only lately that it has come into widespread use. The combination of HCG drops or injections, developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeon with low calorie diet has been successful in the treatment of obesity.
HCG drops are manufactured with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a naturally occurring human hormone, present in the body during pregnancy. Additionally, as it is not a drug, it is safe and can be taken in small quantities in the HCG diet. HCG drops from the HCGADietClub are made in USA and have the FDA approval. HCG works by becoming attached to fatty layers in the belly, buttock and thighs – and then converts this fat to natural energy.

Process of Weight gain

Extra calories in the body, which are not metabolized are normally stored as fat, however, these are energy reserves and with a healthy metabolic rate, the fat can be used during periods of low food consumption. When there is higher food consumption than what is required by the body, the metabolic rhythm is disturbed.
With the HCG diet protocol as developed by Dr. Simeon, the use of a very low calorie diet and HCG, triggers the use of abnormal fat storage, long forgotten by the brain as stored fat. The process of metabolic stimulation provided by HCG, causes the metabolism to burn stored fat rapidly leading to weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a day.
HCG Diet Drops are not detrimental to your health as compared to a very low calorie intake, because the HCG drops prompt the consumption of stored fat, thereby giving the body the required energy to go about everyday tasks. The restricted diet and HCG drops combination is the key to kick start the metabolic rhythm, helping shed pounds quickly.
There are numerous websites offering HCG diet drops for sale, but we at HCGADietClub are the only ones who offer glycerin based vibrational HCG as opposed to to alcohol based HCG drops which can become ineffective over time or even during shipping. This means that the HCG hormone is less likely to become separated from it’s carrier (glycerine) when you buy HCG drops from HCGADietClub than as compared to other alcohol based homeopathic HCG drops for sale from other online stores.
When you buy hcg diet drops from the HCGA Diet Club, you have the advantages of not only an outlined healthy weight loss program, but an effective one at that. To purchase a complete weight loss system or hcg drops for sale a la carte, visit our products page here.