Top 5 trends in Dieting and Weight Loss for 2011

//Top 5 trends in Dieting and Weight Loss for 2011

Top 5 trends in Dieting and Weight Loss for 2011

diet and weight loss trends 2011One of the secrets of successful dieting is focusing on your approach to your lifestyle, improving eating habits and exercise regimes.  If you have succeeded with your diet it is crucial that once finished, you maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the pounds don’t creep back on.

The Calorie Control Council have identified the five top trends in dieting and weight loss for 2011.

1.  Focus on preventing weight gain.  The average american adult gains 1 to 2 pounds every year.  Small changes can have a major effect on this trend, cutting 100 calories or adding an extra 2,000 steps of physical activity will help control weight gain.  This approach can be considered as prevention and a growing number of health professionals have merited this approach to curb obesity.

2.  Updated dietary guidelines to shape eating patterns.  The USDA and Health and Human Services will release new dietary guidelines which will serve as dietary advice for the next 5 years.  The report is expected to place heavy emphasis on physical exercise while also urging people to eat more fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, omega-3 rich foods and low-calorie dairy products.

3.  Low calorie and sugar free food products.  One of the hottest projections is the development of low calorie, sugar free foods and drinks that provide satiety satisfaction, which in turn will allow consumers to control calories while still enjoying their favourite foods.

4.  Business and health. Health professionals expect companies to increase their efforts to fight obesity with more corporate wellness programs in 2011.  Employers are expected to continue creating incentive programs stimulating health behavioural changes for employees, which will have a positive effect on absenteeism and the cost of health insurance.

5.  Restaurants and calorie consciousness. There is a growing trend across America where cities require restaurants to list the calories of the foods they offer on their menus. A new law being introduced in 2011 will require food chains with more than 20 outlets to disclose calorie counts on their food items, while also giving guidelines on how many calories a healthy person should consume daily.

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