Top 10 HCG Diet Tips

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Top 10 HCG Diet Tips

If I was to write an exhaustive post on all HCG diet tips I have received in the past I would still be writing this in the new year (great time to start the HCG diet!). There are however certain tips that really do work for everyone, so I thought I would condense the thousands I have heard into potentially the top 10, so read on and get the most out of the HCG diet…

1. I cannot stress this HCG diet tip strongly enough – understand the HCG protocol. If you begin the HCG diet without fully understanding why it works and what components are crucial there is every chance you will fail…period! At the HCGA Diet Club we give you all the information you need, from it’s history, how it work’s, permitted foods, meal plans and recipes. Read up on all the available information before you begin.

2. Water! This is so important for not just the HCG diet but also for general well-being even when not dieting. Remember water is calorie free, acts as an appetite suppressant and don’t forget alkaline water is the best for you and your body. Make sure you drink at least 2 litters per day find out more here.

3. You’ve heard of the saying “variety is the spice of life”, well this is definitely true while on the HCG diet. Make use of all the recipes included on our site and don’t get bored! There are also many spices and herbs you can add to your HCG recipes get your free HCG spice guide.

4. Complete the HCG diet phase 1 correctly. That’s right eat all the foods that may have got you here in the first place, fatty, greasy, sugar filled guilty pleasures try and consume 5000 calories each day during the loading phase. Fail to do this correctly and you will suffer from low energy and hunger pangs in the first week.

5. Don’t cut corners and stick to the diet. The reason this revolutionary diet is such a success is because it has been specially formulated. Here you’ll get the comprehensive lowdown on the diet, adhere to it and celebrate the results!

6. Do not become inactive. Keep busy doing chores, go for a walk…anything. Don’t worry that you may feel lethargic because of the 500 calorie diet, the HCG will take care of that, remember you are mobilizing your unwanted and abnormal fat to generate energy. Sit around like a couch potato and you may become bored and crave a little foodie treat!

7. Try not to cheat. I know many that have had a brief lapse on the HCG diet and it could be for a host of reasons, try your hardest to them. You can still achieve success on the HCG diet, but if your aim is to achieve maximum success, retain a strong mindset and avoid cheating.

8. Drink lots of tea! Remember tea and coffee is included in the HCG diet plan. I’m not talking about you normal cup here though. Try and consume different types of herbal teas, they are great for cleansing your body and a great way to keep your water consumption at the optimum level.

9. I hate to say this but try and restrict your social schedule while on the diet. Obviously don’t become a hermit, but try and limit the temptation of dining out, going to parties etc. If you are going to a social function here are some further tips.

10. I’ve saved the best for last! Treat yourself! Why not go out with a couple of friends and buy some new clothes for the new YOU! It will give you the stimulus to keep persevering and finally achieving that new dress size that you once thought elusive.

Just one last word and I suppose tip 11, remember you’re going to feel different, maybe light headed, suffer the occasional headache and even briefly lose your appetite, but never forget this is a proven program. Expect your body to respond accordingly and don’t worry unless you experience recurring symptoms, such as nausea and chronic pain, at which point you should consult your physician.

Do you have any great tips, please share them with other members by leaving a comment  below…

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