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The HCG Diet on Fox 2 News

hcg newsThe newsworthiness of the HCG Diet has not faded, and what do the first three letters of faded spell…FAD! And it’s definitely NOT that!

Here’s a great story of one of Fox 2’s reporters catching site of himself on TV, realizing he had been enjoying his food a little too much and wanted to do something about. So he turned to HCG diet products to solve his weight problem  His choice were injections, brave man I say! But the results speak for themselves, 30 pounds in a month.

Yet another great HCG diet testimonial. But as with all of these “balanced” news stories they have to hunt down the usual skeptic who churns out the same old “facts”, it’s a placebo, the HCG diet doesn’t work…yawn!


How many more thousand HCG success stories do you need before you say just maybe, with all the living proof walking around, that it just might work?


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