Suffering An HCG Plateau After Cheating?

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Suffering An HCG Plateau After Cheating?

HCG Diet tipsI recently wrote a blog post about how Thanksgiving was the perfect time to start the loading phase of the HCG Diet, but for those of you already on phase 2, how many of you cheated…come on tell the truth!

If you did, don’t worry you will soon be back on track and losing weight again. No matter how hard you try to avoid temptation during the holiday, some of us will always succumb.

So what action can we take to get back to normal?

The most common remedy is an Apple Day, stick to this protocol and you should see results the very next day. Should this not appeal to you then you can take on an HCG Steak Day, once again this method is proven to break an HCG plateau. Both of these solutions are not recommended on a regular basis.

Other factors that will have a positive effect are:

  • Getting your sleep, if you do not and are tired the body will hold on to excess weight for energy.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). By adding 2 tablespoons to your daily routine can help break the plateau.
  • Light exercise. If you did “let go” on Thanksgiving, go on a good walk, a short cycle, or try yoga, restricted exercise can keep your metabolism levels in check.

All the above will help, but remember the average person who uses

HCG drops for weight loss lose an average 1-2 pounds per day over the whole dieting period, some days more and some less!

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