Should I Stop Taking HCG Drops During Menstruation?

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Should I Stop Taking HCG Drops During Menstruation?

hcg diet and menstruationI think we can safely say, while many men have reached their weight loss goals using the HCG diet, it is women who embark on the HCG diet in greater numbers. Because of that I would say one of the most common questions I get is…

“Should I continue to take HCG drops during menstruation?”

If we are to stick to the original HCG diet protocol invented by Dr Simeons, there is a simple answer…yes! But throughout his original “Pounds and Inches” manuscript he never offers a reason why. What he did report was that in general women had no problems with hunger even without taking HCG injections during their monthly cycle, but would become increasingly hungry once their period had finished until they administered their next dose.

It is a general rule of thumb that weight loss slows or even increases during menstruation, predominantly caused by water retention. But you should not worry as that will pass once the period is over.

My best advice, with Dr Simeon in mind, is yes you should stop taking HCG oral drops during their period, and above all don’t cheat, if you do you will almost experience a plateau and even gain weight, which will lead to frustration. Remember the feedback we have received from our diet club members is that they truly don’t feel that hungry while continuing the 500 calorie diet without HCG drops while menstruating.

As you would expect, many women have experimented with the continuation of the drops and the majority have reported no problems although some have reported heavier and more uncomfortable cycles. There has not been any scientific study in this aspect of the HCG protocol, not even by Dr Simeons, so bear this in mind.

So once again I would recommend you stick to the original protocol and refrain from taking HCG oral drops when on your period, stay committed and recommence once it has passed.

Have you continued to take HCG while on your period? Share your experience by leaving a comment below…

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