Perfect Time To Start The HCG Diet – Thanksgiving!

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Perfect Time To Start The HCG Diet – Thanksgiving!

HCG Diet and ThanksgivingJust a week to go before the fridge starts to fill with culinary goodies ready for the big feast – Thanksgiving. You know the day when we let rip and for once don’t even think or care how many calories we stuff in our bodies.

Well, believe it or not that is the perfect preparation for the HCG Diet! If you are unfamiliar with the HCG protocol, then let me explain. the first phase of the HCG diet is the loading stage, 3 days of gorging before embarking on the 500 calorie per day phase which will be where you see the pounds and inches disappear.

So what better time to start! For once you will not have a care in the world as you demolish plate after plate of Turkey and all the trimmings, sugary creamy desserts and lets not forget a few glasses of booze to wash it all down…

If you’ve been considering starting a diet, but maybe just kept putting it off, now is the time to order your HCG drops and prepare to enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly we always see a surge in orders at this time of the year with people taking advantage of the holiday knowing that in just a few weeks after they will have shed their abnormal fat stores and sculpted their body, achieving what they consider to be their perfect weight.

Makes sense huh?

We at the HCGA Diet Club will be with you all the way once you commit, with our excellent support team on call, answering questions and giving you tips while you are on the diet. Go on surprise yourself and amaze your family and friends by unlocking the natural you…

For those of you already on the diet, don’t worry, plan ahead so you are ready for any temptation that may come your way, I have posted before on how to deal with socializing with friends while on the HCG Diet.

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