Is The HCG Diet Needed More In Winter?

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Is The HCG Diet Needed More In Winter?

HCG Diet and winterFor those of us who live in colder climes, you must have heard of the adage, “In the Winter I need to eat more to stay warm”…

Well I hate to disappoint you but, it couldn’t be more wrong!

The truth of the matter is when you increase your fat content  from excess calories and gain weight you will actually feel colder. That’s because the type of fat from over eating is adipose white tissue, but the only fat that keeps you warm is adipose brown tissue, which babies have and is due to genetic programming.

Put simply white fat stores energy and brown fat burns calories for heat.

So why do we feel like eating more when we enter the colder months of the year?

During our ancestors’ time the winter months were associated with famine, so it was inevitable that they would increase their fat stores in Autumn in order to merely survive.

Consultant gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon, Ahmed Ahmed explains, “The problem is that we no longer need to store fat because we have an abundance of food available all year round. The famine never comes, so we never use up the stores,” he went on to add, “Hypothetically, our genes may favour fat storage; but you can control what happens by making the right food choices.”

Here’s another interesting fact…

Most of us eat more in Spring and Summer and it is simply that the type of food we want in Autumn changes.

You know the feeling when the days become shorter, damper, colder darker, basically that acts as a catalyst for low level dissatisfaction. The result? Well we all know that when we are feeling low, we go in search of comfort food, energy dense, calorific foods which are sweeter and fattier.

Are you starting to get the picture now?

For a more in depth insight take a look at this article explaining the link between weight gain and the Winter months.

So, with Winter upon us, and if you have started scouring the cupboards for comfort food, let HCG Diet drops solve the problem, while also helping you to change your eating habits for a healthier, slimmer life!

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  1. Susan December 7, 2011 at 4:09 am - Reply

    Actually, I get really, really cold when I diet. I can only imagine how cold I will be on the HCG diet now that it is 9- below zero here. Seriously, if I knew that I could stay warm on the diet (I absolutely froze in the summer with it) I would go back on it. I lost 20 pounds and never gained it back. I’m looking to go back on it to lose another 20 or so. Again, how do you stay warm?

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