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HCG Diet Testimonial On ABC News!

HCG Diet on ABC NewsI don’t know if you saw my recent post about a Fox news reporter explaining his success with the HCG diet, where I went onto rant about the same old skeptics they roll out to balance the report saying “there is no proof” that the HCG diet works (what about the freaking’ thousands that are walking around pounds lighter!?).

But I saw this ABC news report where they actually focus on HCG diet success stories…


Sure there is a brief moment where a doctor in his green scrubs comments on one possible side effect, but at least he’s not saying it doesn’t work! So just perhaps the media is waking up to the fact that, actually, the HCG diet is helping people worldwide lose weight.

There is a brief 15 second ad at the beginning…

You can see the original broadcast and written report on the ABC website.

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