HCG Diet Testimonial – Charlie This Is Incredible!!

//HCG Diet Testimonial – Charlie This Is Incredible!!

HCG Diet Testimonial – Charlie This Is Incredible!!

Now I’ve known Charlie Montgomery for a couple of years now and Charlie has always been, how can I say…cuddly! 10 days ago he was 300 pounds of cuddleness to be exact! But after just 1 week on the phase 2 of the HCGA Diet he has lost 17.5lbs, no you read that correctly…17.5lbs!

Knowing Charlie I knew that when he decided to try another diet to achieve his weight loss aims he would commit 100% and follow the hCG protocol to the letter. Charlie failed with previous diets, losing weight but then regaining it, yep the yo-yo diet cycle. But when I introduced the HCGA diet to him, explained how it worked and what it would achieve, should he adhere to the regime, I could see by the glint in his eye that he thought maybe…just maybe, this would be the diet that finally worked.

We spoke last night and he confirmed how he is having no problems on the 500 calorie a day diet (hCG doing it’s job!), he is varying his meals, drinking a LOT of alkalized water and…well, feeling great!

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