HCG Diet Phases – Phase 3 Tips

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HCG Diet Phases – Phase 3 Tips

HCG Diet phasesThe HCG Diet Phase 3 (sometimes known as 4, or the maintenance phase depending on who’s course you are following) is a crucial stage of the protocol and not adhering to the rules will certainly have an impact and can lead to you gaining weight in the not to distant future.

The HCG Diet Phase 3 is the period when your body is resetting the way you metabolize fat and carbohydrates, this is the secret to maintaining your new weight, long term weight management after you complete all phases of the HCG Diet depends completely on what you eat now!

You should think of Phase 3 as an extension of phase 2 without the oral drops and with extra calories added back into your diet, not exceeding 1700 calories. So this still means no carbohydrates or sugars for a further 21 days so avoid potatoes, bread, pasta, rice and fruits such as grapes, bananas, pineapple and mango.

Regarding calorie intake if you haven’t already (but should have done!) use a calorie intake calculator to make sure hitting your target of around 1700 calories. Now I’m sure you will worry about gaining weight, but the opposite will be true, as you will be experiencing a new metabolic rate and your weight should be maintained.

Your target here is to stay within + or – 2 lbw of your phase 2 finishing weight. So the next obvious tip is to keep weighing yourself when you get out of bed every day. Fall outside of those boundaries and you must immediately take on a steak day.

Continue to drink a gallon of alkalized water to continue your detoxification, eat a big breakfast and try to eat at least 6 times a day, but monitor those calories! Try not to eat anything 3 to 4 hours before you go to bed and a good 7 to 8 hours sleep will also be necessary.

Now your eating habits are nearly back to normal you can begin to take on more exercise. Stick to yoga, walking, using weight or a rebounder.

So fellow dieter, you have nearly completed all HCG diet phases and should be ready to move forward in your life looking and feeling better, having unlocked the natural you!

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