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HCG Diet Myths

HCG Diet MythsScaremongers don’t you just hate them! You know the ones that don’t do their research on how the HCG diet has actually allowed thousands worldwide lose weight rapidly and safely.

So what do they do?

They aimlessly create and spread myths to try and dissuade people from losing weight by claiming the HCG diet is either unhealthy or even dangerous. The two most popular myths which are continually offered by these so call “professionals” are that it is dangerous to consume only 500 calories, and diets that do not require exercise are dangerous and unhealthy.

So let’s make this clear, so that anyone thinking of embarking on the HCG diet,can do so with the knowledge that the diet is both safe and healthy.

Let’s deal with the 500 calorie myth first.

I would agree that if you were to adopt only 500 calories food consumption per day WITHOUT taking HCG, it could be dangerous, but more importantly you wouldn’t last very long. That is why most conventional diets  allow between 1200-1500 calories per day, which is fine if you only need to lose a few pounds and don’t mind waiting.

The reason it is NOT proven dangerous eating only 500 calories is because of the addition of HCG oral drops (or injections, pellets, pills…).The HCG drops will not only help suppress the appetite but, and here’s the important part, it will utilize your body’s abnormal fat stores, converting it into usable energy, helping you lose pounds and inches in a safe manner.

Diets involving no exercise are dangerous and unhealthy.

Once again, there is no actual evidence for this claim. Importantly you CAN exercise while on the HCG diet, even during phase 2, but you should be restricted to what you actually do. A good walk is fine, yoga is fine, light aerobics are fine but please don’t attempt a triathlon, a marathon, mountaineering, boxing, swimming across Lake Erie, do you see now! Indeed I have written many articles about what exercise is allowed during the HCG diet and remember when you enter the maintenance phase we actually encourage diet club members to increase their exercise regime.

But I would say it is also fine not to exercise during phase 2, if that is your chosen plan, but I would recommend doing some form of exercise once you enter the Maintenance Phase, where your calorific intake will increase to 1500 a day.

I hope this has dispelled these annoying myths and cleared things up once and for all, but both you and I know there will sadly be more scaremongers waiting in the wings…

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