HCG Diet Dangers – What Say The FDA?

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HCG Diet Dangers – What Say The FDA?

HCG Diet Dangers And The FDAWhen potential consumers first hear of the HCGA Diet Club, or any hCG Diet for that matter, their first thoughts usually are, are there dangers associated with the hCG Diet?  A very astute question and I would like to think that anyone who was considering consuming anything would first want to understand more about it.

The first port of call will probably and wisely, the US Food and Drug Administrator (FDA). So what are the views of the FDA on hCG?

Well the first thing to say is the FDA has approved the use of hCG to treat various health issues and has been in existence to do so for over five decades by the medical community, and they also consider it safe.

That’s all well and good, but what about the use of hCG for use in weight loss? The short answer is NO! They do not approve it as a treatment for weight loss. This despite comprehensive independent studies proving it’s worth and tens of thousands of testimonials and case reports that DO demonstrate significant weight loss and body contouring. Even so, the FDA’s position remains:

“hcg has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction…”

That is food for thought – so to speak. So take that on board…BUT, let’s analyse a little further what they say.

First they have no problems with the consumption of hCG, but as, in their eyes, they do not have “substantial” evidence they will not approve it as a weight loss aid.

“Substantial” is a big word (see what I did there!), the Oxford Dictionary defines it as “of considerable importance, size or worth”. What I would derive from their statement is that they do agree there is evidence but would like more proof before they offer their endorsement and a cast iron guarantee to it’s worth.

Homeopathic To offer a similar experience I endured, after suffering from back problems for a number of years, nothing major but painful all the same, I sought treatment. Living in England I was covered by the free National Health Service (NHS). I would visit my doctor for a solution and his advice? Take painkillers and physical therapy…it didn’t work. I enquired about seeing an osteopath but my doctor couldn’t sanction it because osteopaths are not approved by the NHS due to the homeopathic nature of their practice.  I paid privately to visit one and if the pain returns I go back, why? Because it solves my problem.

So my point is, just because the FDA has not given their full approval for the use of hCG as a dieting aid, it does not mean that it has not proven successful for thousands and will work for you too if you follow the hCG protocol.

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