HCG A Cure For Cancer?

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HCG A Cure For Cancer?

HCG successful in skin cancer treatmentMedia reports around the World have been reporting for years now the benefits of the HCG Diet for weight loss. With more and more turning to the HCG protocol to solve their weight problems it has become established and is here to stay. But what we didn’t expect to hear is that HCG has been used successfully to treat a form of skin cancer!

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that many small Kaposi’s sarcoma tumours shrank and some disappeared after the hormone was injected into each cancer three times a week for two weeks. The study of 36 men was reported in the New York Times.

The form of cancer, most common in in people with AIDS, currently has no effective therapy and can be fatal.

While the tests are in their early stages, and some unwanted side effects were reported in a few patients it is being viewed as a notable breakthrough in the treatment of sufferers.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, MD stated, ” The findings are very interesting and should be pursued aggressively in further research because of their potential importance in understanding Kaposi’s sarcoma and other cancers.”

This is an incredible development! For years, people have used HCG drops to “cure” their weight problems, but this potential medical breakthrough could have long lasting effects and save many lives across the World.

Read the full article in the New York Times.

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