Gulf Coast Pain Institute Recommend The HCGA Diet.

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Gulf Coast Pain Institute Recommend The HCGA Diet.

There are still many  medical “professionals” that refute the ability of the HCG diet to safely solve obesity. You all know this gets me angry as we have seen so many HCGA Diet Club members lose weight, safely and keep the weight off. Yet we still have to listen to these “professionals” ignoring the evidence and pontificate on how it cannot possibly work…

Now Gulf Coast Pain Institute,  A certified medical practice that appreciate the benefits of the HCG Diet in treating their overweight clients. After tentatively trialling HCG oral drops as a weight loss solution for there obese patients, they now recommend our products.

Obesity is a major cause of body pain as the extra weight impacts on the skeletal structure of our bodies causing unnecessary pressure on joints and bone formation. The HCG diet plan is a great way to get rid of those extra pounds.

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  1. Monique December 12, 2011 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    Hello everyone!!! I’ve been on the program for exactly 1 week today, and I have lost 13lbs!!! I am very happy with this product and would recomend it to anyone who need to loose weight. Save yourself the surgery scars. Who need an exspensive surgery when you have HCG!!! A special thanks to the owner who didn’t mind spending the time with me to give me the courage I needed to jump start my new way of life!!! Thank-You

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