Can I Eat Fast Food On The HCGA Diet? Yes You Can!!

/, HCG Diet/Can I Eat Fast Food On The HCGA Diet? Yes You Can!!

Can I Eat Fast Food On The HCGA Diet? Yes You Can!!

Fast food on the HCG dietFast food and the hCG Diet, not the best bedfellows surely?  Well you’d be surprised, with a bit of thought you can actually visit certain restaurants and stick to your regime, but this isn’t the green light for you to rush out and indulge, just a guide if you find yourself when there is no alternative, so here are some suggestions…

The first thing to know is that most restaurant meat portions are double the 3.5oz/100 gram allowed on the HCGA diet. So keep that in mind and only eat a half portion. The only outlets we would recommend (not the best description!) are:

KFC – Grilled chicken, skin removed. Side of green beans.

Jack in the Box – Grilled chicken fingers.

Arby’s – Junior Roast beef, no bun or sauce.

Chick Fillet – SW Grilled Chicken Sallad, remove carrots and cheese.

Chipotle (my favorite) – Steak/chicken/shredded beef with pico de gall on shredded lettuce…yum!

McDonalds – Grilled Chicken patty, side salad (only lettuce), dippers without sauce.

Cracker Barrel – Chicken tender kids meal (ask for the boiled tenders they use in the dumplings as opposed to the grilled). Order the kids meal with the boiled tenders thrown on the grill with no butter or steak seasoning. Sides can be tomatoes or salad menu. They make the salad plate to order so tell them what to leave off, cheese, bacon etc! Also ask for a plate of lemons for dressing/marinade.

Jason’s Deli – Chicken breast on the side plus some of their organic spinach and strawberries on the side.

Carl Jnr’s – Any menu burger “wrapped”. It’s just a hamburger patty wrapped in lettuce, mius all the bad stuff like the bun, cheese and ketchup.

Wendy’s – Grilled chicken sandwich with just lettuce or tomatoes, discard the bread, or plain burger, once again discarding the bread.  Mandarin chicken salad, but make sure you ask that the chicken be grilled, it comes with lettuce, mandarin oranges and the chicken, once again ask for a few lemons as a dressing.

Red Lobster – Crab legs and a plain salad.

You see, think clever and you can always stick to the protocol even when your only option is fast food….I’m hungry just writing that!

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  1. Cal - the hCG Diet Guru Guy September 18, 2011 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    Er… except that McDonalds and other restaurants soak their meats in sugar, salt, and other preservatives. McDonalds food has been proven to be nothing but chemicals – not even qualifying as real food. Not even their grilled chicken is the same as store bought grilled chicken.

    Restaurants cook their food in oils, and that isn’t allowed on the diet. I say that if people are committing to this diet they should not even think about fast food or restaurants. It’s just not going to work. The weight of the chicken can’t be verified, and it’s supposed to be 100g precooked weight. Not cooked. You’ll never know what size it is. Or what they cooked it in.

    It’s just going to open a huge gateway for people to cheat by making it seem like they can eat fast food and restaurant food. Yikes!

    • Cal - the hCG Diet Guru Guy September 18, 2011 at 8:29 pm - Reply

      Some people forget that foods filled with preservatives may not add more calories – but those preservatives inhibit the body’s natural synthesis of things like cholesterol, which is very important not to interrupt. Eating preservatives is what gets us fat in the first place, throwing us off balance.

      We think a salad and grilled chicken from McDonalds is “healthy” but in reality it’s no different than a Big Mac due to preservatives and chemical construction of the fake chicken…

  2. Hap November 9, 2015 at 3:10 am - Reply

    I think the point of the post was how to make do when fast food is the only option. People like me with active jobs find this very helpful. Go easy on the buzzkill comments. We all know fast food is a last resort…and the last thing we need is someone judging. It would be great if we could all go into our kitchens and prepare fresh food every time, but that is not real life.

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