New Retailer Begins Selling “Controversial” HCG Diet

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New Retailer Begins Selling “Controversial” HCG Diet

just food coopAs the number of successful dieters using the HCG diet grows, it seems that at last the scare tactics and confusion is starting to disappear. Respected TV celebrities like Dr Oz have sanctioned the use of it (after careful research) and more and more stores are beginning to stock it, convinced that the benefits outweigh the perceived negatives.

Ever since the HCG Diet was discovered by Dr ATW Simeons, and its resurgence in recent years, it seems there was an endless queue of “professionals” ready to dismiss it’s use as a weight loss aid. But the number of people who have had success using the HCG protocol has grown exponentially to the point where people have had to sit up and listen to the real life stories of successful weight loss.

Recently the Just Food Co-op has decided to carry the “controversial” HCG Diet, in its liquid form.

The Co-op’s wellness manager Meg Jensen Witt, carefully researched the product to be sure the science behind it was sound and the product manufactured soundly.

“The physiology was sound” said the graduate of St. Olaf College’s biology program. “The HCG diet along with a healthy but minimal intake of clean, organic food, helps reprogram the hypothalamus gland to burn fat in the problem areas first, leaving the healthy, structural fat, thus maintaining muscle mass and preventing hunger.”

Read the whole article here and hear how members of staff had great success on the HCG Diet.

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  1. Cal - the hCG Diet Guru Guy September 18, 2011 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    This is amazing! I never thought I’d see this diet in any kind of store or retail outlet available to people…

    I know I’ve had MEGA success so far losing 70lbs on this diet and testing my metabolism… I feel like I have my life back. BECAUSE I DO!!! 🙂

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