5 Tips For A Successful HCG Diet Phase 3

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5 Tips For A Successful HCG Diet Phase 3

5 tips for phase 3 of the HCG dietWell the hard work is done, phase 2 and the 500 calories per day has passed, I’ve made it!


The HCG diet consists of 3 main phases, each as important the other, so what ever you do do not take your eye off the ball. It is crucial you stick to the protocol through this stabilization phase so that your metabolism is finally reset and the weight stays off. Of all the HCG phases, the loading stage (phase 1) and maintenance (phase 3) see dieters making the most mistakes, so I thought it about time to re-iterate how important HCG phase 3 is and offer 5 helpful tips to ensure success on the HCG diet.

#1. Start slowly. Whether you have just completed a short or long round of HCG drops, you may be thinking about devouring all those tasty dishes you have been depriving yourself. My suggestion to you is that initially you continue to consume the foods you were eating during phase 2, doubling the protein and mixing your vegetables and fruits, adding a little healthy oil, such as olive to cook with, the larger portions will be a treat in itself.

#2. Keep track of your progress. You MUST continue to weigh yourself, remember the key here is to stay within +2/-2 pounds of your weight at the end of phase 2. Stray outside of these parameters then deal with it immediately, remember procrastination is your enemy. Losing weight? Then increase your calorie intake, Gaining? Take on a Steak Day.

#3. Work your body and mind. It is a little known fact that while your brain accounts for 3% of your body weight, it can use up to 20% of your body fuel as it is metabolically active. So read a book, take on a crossword, learn a new skill, anything that will keep you cerebrally challenged. Also with the extra fuel don’t forget to up any exercise regime you have been following. Increase the time you walk, do more strenuous aerobics, maybe take on a bike ride, just keep active!

#4. Keep hydrated.  By now hopefully you have been drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, even better alkaline water. Don’t stop now. It should have become habit by now and remember water is essential to our general well-being whether we are dieting or not.

#5. Treat yourself. Phase 3 is not all that bad! Do it correctly and your hypothalamus is now reset, metabolism steady and your weight stable, so why not go out and buy a new outfit to show off the new you. Get a new haircut eat out with your friends (avoiding fast food) and begin to enjoy the newly improved you.

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