5 HCG Diet Tips For Plateaus And Gains.

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5 HCG Diet Tips For Plateaus And Gains.

hcg diet tipsEveryone, while on the HCG diet, will experience days where weight loss stalls or even increases, but don’t panic! There are usually reasons for the blip and always tips to reverse them. So lets take a look at 5 HCG diet tips…

  1. This may seem strange to mention as the #1 reason, but it is so important…make sure you are drinking enough water, at least 2 litters a day and ultimately the best…alkaline water.
  2. Watch you are eating. Sounds obvious I know but certain foods will affect people differently. Some HCG dieters have problems losing with tomatoes and oranges, so remember everybody is different so monitor what works for you and what doesn’t.
  3. Each time you stall, take your measurements. You may not have lost pounds but you may have lost inches. Remember Dr Simeon’s original was named “Pounds and Inches”!
  4. If you are using more salt than before you started the HCG diet to make your food more tasty, your body may not be used to the higher sodium levels and will retain more water adding to your weight gain.
  5. Finally and this effects women only, if you are on your menstrual cycle it will increase water retention and that will transfer into added weight. If you know you are not cheating the stall or gain will be temporary and will drop once the menstrual cycle has ended.

All in all just remember, there will be days when you think things are going to plan, but you can always find HCG diet tips to answer your challenges.

Have you got any tips you want to share with our HCG diet community? If so leave a comment in the box below…

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