5 Common Mistakes On the hCG Diet

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5 Common Mistakes On the hCG Diet

HCG Diet MistakesThe HCGA Diet when broken down is actually quite a simple protocol to follow, sure you may have to do a bit of groundwork and reading up before commencing, but once the hCG drops begin to work, stick to the regime which we have spent much time putting together and you should reach your weight loss goals.  There are, however a few common mistakes that dieters can make if they take their eye of the ball, which will could slow down their hCG weight loss progress.

1. Skip the loading days or failing to consume enough fat during them.

After taking the initial dose of hCG, you are required to eat lots of food with a high fat content.  If you have read up you will know why, but to reiterate, Dr Simeons states very specifically that for success on the diet you MUST consume enough fatty food in the first two days of hCG injections or three if you are using oral drops. The reason being you need to replenish the structural fat stores that will be depleted when you are on phase two of the diet.  The result being that you will prep your body for the forthcoming changes and ease some symptoms that associated with rapid weight loss, hunger pains, fatigue and the dreaded irritability!  So make sure you load up properly and don’t worry it won’t slow down your hCG weight loss in any way.

2.  Not Drinking enough of the RIGHT water.

This is one of the most common errors when on the hCG diet. I’m sure you’re aware that most people whether they are dieting or not, fail to drink enough water.  For the best weight loss results you should be drinking at least 2 litters of water every single day.  But, here’s another thing try to drink the right type of water, tap and bottled water often contain traces of contaminants, so a purified, alkaline water is best for you whether you are on a diet or not.  Find out more about alkaline water and it’s benefits while on the HCGA Diet here.

3.  Preparation

As mentioned earlier, if you fail to prepare properly before commencing the HCGA Diet, you will definitely hinder your chances for optimum success on the diet. As you should be on the drops for a minimum of 21 days (the minimum for your metabolism to be effectively reset), you need to plan ahead and choose a period where there will be the least distractions.  Your experience will be much better if you plan recipes, stock up your store cupboard with spices, herbs, seasonings etc so that the food you consume is the most palatable, make sure you have scales, both for weighing yourself and the food you will be eating, the HCGA Diet Club provides a complimentary 5000 word e-book offering tips and tricks to maximise your experience.

4. Meal Time Ingredients.

For the best results Dr Simeons recommends that you do not mix vegetables in one meal and refrain from eating the same protein, meat or fish for lunch and dinner.  Some people have reported less weight loss when they don’t adhere to the above rule. So don’t forget to only eat one vegetable in each meal and vary your meat and vegetable selection for lunch and dinner to maximise your hCG weight loss.

5.  Refrain From Strenuous Exercise.

HCG Diet ExerciseOne of the appeals of the hCG diets is exercise does not make up part of the diet.  Now not for one minute are we saying become a couch potato, but limit any exercise while on the very low calorie diet (VLCD) to brisk walks. Once you are in the later stages of the diet then you can begin slowly add in more strenuous activity.  the reason being that you are already burning excess fat with the VLCD and any extra exercising will result in the loss of lean muscle tissue instead.

We want you to have the best experience while on the HCGA Diet and following our carefully put together program will result in you succeeding where you may have failed before.

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