Modified 750 Calorie HCG Diet Plan

Since we began the HCGA Diet Club we have so many members that have lost their desired weight even after cheating, having a day off so to speak! So we got thinking and wondered what if you didn’t have to stick to the restrictive 500 calories per day, what if you increased your daily calorific intake by, say, 50%?

So instead of combining hCG oral drops with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), how about combining it with a Low Calorie Diet (VLD)?

Well experiments with members of the club haven proven it does work! But and it’s a big but, don’t expect to have the same results and if you thought you would, then you must be living in Dreamland!

If you follow the modified diet you can expect to lose 15-20lbs in a month, which is fine if you are the sort of person who is looking to tweak your appearance before a holiday or wedding for example. If your weight loss needs are greater then you MUST adhere to the original hCG protocol and stick to the 500 calories per day.

Remember the hCG diet was born from an intensive medical study carried out in the 1950’s by Dr ATW Simeon and used to counter obesity, not just a little shaping so you look better in your bikini or Speedo’s (by the way men in Speedo’s is not a good look, well in my opinion anyway!), so you must assess your weight loss needs before even considering the modified diet. If, however, your weight loss needs are not drastic you may want to consider it.

The big difference is an extra daily meal (whoo hoo!), namely breakfast. For lunch and dinner stick to all permitted foods outlined at the HCGA Diet Club.

hcg dietYou may rearrange your food choices to fit your needs but you MUST NOT add any additional foods or eat all your meals at the same time. there is no problem to breaking up your meals. Have an apple or 1/2 grapefruit for breakfast or a piece of fruit before you go to bed, but you must deduct them from the regular meals, also remember the two fruits can not be eaten at the same time nor can you save any item and add it on the following day.

So as you’re now salivating just at the thought of an extra meal per day let me give you some choices for a 750 calorie hCG diet plan:


3/4 cup cereal (80 calories) Use Special K, Total, Chex or 1 cup puffed rice) with 1/2 cup of skimmed milk, or…

2 slices of “Nature’s Own” toast (40 calories per slice), or…

1 egg with 1 sliced bread.


5 ounces protein (check HCGA Diet for foods) plus…

1 cup of vegetables or a salad.

1 fruit portion.


5 ounces of protein (different from lunch) plus…

Side salad with zero calorie dressing.

1 cup of cooked or raw vegetables.

1 fruit portion.

Remember to select all foods from the permitted list and add whatever seasonings that are allowed.

Finally when considering either the 500 or 750 calorie diet you must stick with it, do not switch back and forth.

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