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* * * We do NOT sell prescription hCG. It is prescribed by a doctor, dispensed by a pharmacist and administered by injections. We sell Homeopathic hCG drops. No prescription required. hCG Homeopathic is administered by drops under the tongue. Homeopathic remedies are approved by the FDA.

We at hcgadietclub.com do not claim that hCG can alter fat or weight loss alone, but according to doctors in other countries, using hCG with a particular protocol will result in loss of fat and weight by stimulating the hypothalamus gland. There have never been any proven side effects of hCG while using it for weight loss. hCG is still administered in clinics for fertility treatments, so if it is safe as fertility drugs, then hCG must be safe enough for weight loss treatments as well.

Facts About HCG Liquid Drops

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is present in all human beings but is produced in higher amounts during pregnancy. This hormone is produced by the body in high quantities during pregnancy. This hormone stimulates that part of the brain that affects metabolism, the hypothalamus to use the extra fat that is stored. Here are some common FAQs about HCG liquid drops that we have compiled for your ease of understanding:

How do I buy HCG drops and where are they made?

A federally registered FDA approved laboratory, Vibra Naturals are the main manufacturers of these drops. All of their pharmaceutical laboratories adhere to the GMP guidelines and products are sealed ensuring customers of the highest quality and safe use. All of the products are tried and tested, resulting in superior weight loss efficiency with hundreds of patients worldwide.

Where to buy HCG drops?

If you search “Where to buy HCG drops” and found us, you'll be pleased to know our HCG liquid drops, weight loss and appetite suppressants are manufactured to the highest standards so that you are able to achieve the weight loss in a natural and healthy pattern.  To buy HCG drops, please browse our wide selection at

Can I directly consume HCG liquid drops?

Yes, you can consume the HCG liquid drops by placing them under the tongue. It is easier to ingest the liquid drops that get the same injected. Additionally, a 2 oz. bottle of our HCG liquid drops has a shelf live of many years if unopened but if you intend storing it for sometime, please keep it in a cool dark place. Usually, the shelf live of an opened bottle is for 6 months and refrigeration during storage prolongs the effectiveness of the drops.

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