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HCG Diet Myths

Scaremongers don’t you just hate them! You know the ones that don’t do their research on how the HCG diet has actually allowed thousands worldwide lose weight rapidly and safely. So what do they do? They aimlessly create and spread myths to try and dissuade people from losing weight by claiming the HCG diet is […]

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HCG A Cure For Cancer?

Media reports around the World have been reporting for years now the benefits of the HCG Diet for weight loss. With more and more turning to the HCG protocol to solve their weight problems it has become established and is here to stay. But what we didn’t expect to hear is that HCG has been […]

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Florida – How HCG And Lobbying Can Beat Obesity

It seems that the HCG Diet is constantly in the news at the moment and this time relating to obesity (no surprise there then!!). Given the increasing problem of obesity it is no surprise that interest in HCG and its weight loss benefits, are being talked about nationwide. Obesity has an untold effect on low […]

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Vibrational or homeopathic hcg, which is most effective?

You may have heard recently that the FDA have “announced” that the selling of homeopathic HCG is illegal and that they are looking to ban the sale of it.  Well first of all I’m still not sure this is the case. After doing a lot of searching online to confirm this I am still none […]

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The HCG Diet – Say Thanks to Pregnant Third World Women!

If you have researched, practised or had any contact with the hCG diet you would have heard of the endocrinologist ATW Simeons, for he has been credited as the founder of the hCG diet. But do you really know how he discovered the link between hCG and obesity? No? Then read on… Born in the […]

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HCG Weight Loss Controversy – What Say Dr Oz?

So who is Dr Mehmet Oz? He is an cardiothoracic surgeon, author and broadcaster who first appeared on our television screens in 2004 on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  His success and popularity led to Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures commissioning The Dr Oz Show in 2009. Time magazine ranked him 44th on its list […]

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Why The HCG Diet Works

Even though we made this short video of why the hCG diet plan works, I haven’t seen it explained any better or more simply, so spare yourself a few minutes…

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Jay Leno Laughing About HCG

You know you are reaching a level of notoriety when main stream media (NBC) and comedian Jay Leno pay attention. I guess the hCG diet is starting to arrive because Leno cracked a joke in his monologue a few weeks back. Leno starting talking about the hCG diet and the hormone that is found in the urine of pregnant women. He […]

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HCG Diet Popularity Skyrockets As Your Weight Drops…

Google Zeitgeist tracks the fasted rising and falling search term trends globally and their year end report confirms that the HCG diet is not just becoming more popular, it has become the World’s fastest rising health query in 2010. That is not a big surprise to anyone that has actually tried the hCG diet protocol […]

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How The hCG Diet Evolved

This incredible diet seems to have appeared from nowhere, literally!  The number of people searching, using and succeeding has grown unbelievably and why is that? Because dieters have realized that if they follow the hCG protocol to the letter, there will only ever be one outcome…weight loss. But the truth of the matter is hCG […]

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