FDA Bans “Homeopathic” HCG Diet

Well the Feds have finally done what they’ve been threatening to do, removing homeopathic HCG for weight loss from the shelves and the Internet. Well first things first. HCGA diet club members do not and have never purchased “homeopathic” HCG oral drops from us, why? Because from day one we have never marketed or sold […]

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HCG Diet Myths

Scaremongers don’t you just hate them! You know the ones that don’t do their research on how the HCG diet has actually allowed thousands worldwide lose weight rapidly and safely. So what do they do? They aimlessly create and spread myths to try and dissuade people from losing weight by claiming the HCG diet is […]

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Gulf Coast Pain Institute Recommend The HCGA Diet.

There are still many  medical “professionals” that refute the ability of the HCG diet to safely solve obesity. You all know this gets me angry as we have seen so many HCGA Diet Club members lose weight, safely and keep the weight off. Yet we still have to listen to these “professionals” ignoring the evidence […]

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HCG Diet Recipes – Spicy Chicken Chilli

I don’t want to go on but it is a myth that the hardest aspect of the HCG Diet is the blandness of the food eaten… What rubbish! Take a look through this blog and you will find endless recipes that have the power to tickle those taste buds. Spices and herbs will transform any […]

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Suffering An HCG Plateau After Cheating?

I recently wrote a blog post about how Thanksgiving was the perfect time to start the loading phase of the HCG Diet, but for those of you already on phase 2, how many of you cheated…come on tell the truth! If you did, don’t worry you will soon be back on track and losing weight […]

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HCG A Cure For Cancer?

Media reports around the World have been reporting for years now the benefits of the HCG Diet for weight loss. With more and more turning to the HCG protocol to solve their weight problems it has become established and is here to stay. But what we didn’t expect to hear is that HCG has been […]

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The Best HCG Diet Recipe!

Here at the HCGA Diet Club we like to entertain, so we invited a few members round for lunch, but before we asked our guests what was their favourite HCG diet recipe so we could cook it for all those invited. Obviously everyone didn’t agree! But there was one that proved more popular than the […]

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5 Tips For A Successful HCG Diet Phase 3

Well the hard work is done, phase 2 and the 500 calories per day has passed, I’ve made it! Stop! The HCG diet consists of 3 main phases, each as important the other, so what ever you do do not take your eye off the ball. It is crucial you stick to the protocol through […]

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HCG Diet Recipe – Chicken and Spinach Curry

If I were asked what my favourite style of food was I think it would be an have to be an Asian curry, whether it be from India, Thailand or anywhere on the continent. The combinations of spices, heat and healthy ingredients make a perfect meal. While it may be a little difficult on the […]

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EU Bans Claim That Water Can Prevent Dehydration!

No seriously! Brussels bureaucrats in the European Union have decided to ban drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration, don’t believe me? Read the report here. Following a three year “investigation” (how much did that freakin’ cost?) they have concluded there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact. Following their “eureka” […]

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